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Consult a professional electrician in Newcastle, we perform exceptional electrical work. Why attempt a dangerous do-it-yourself job when our qualified electrician can come to you promptly throughout Newcastle and affordably to meet your electrical needs. Whether it's a simple job or something more complex, RHH Electrical Services is always up to the task.   

Our materials are high quality and our visits are quick and efficient. Your property will be functioning in no time when you leave your electrical work in our safe, professional hands. Call RHH Electrical Services to consult Ray Holman, our professional electrician, today.

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When seeking professional help for your electrical work, you expect top quality service. Here at RHH Electrical Services, we honour that expectation. Our key principle is to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

We offer many solutions for your electrical difficulties, no matter the scenario. With our ethical pricing, you can relax knowing you are in trustworthy hands. As an experienced and renowned electrician in Newcastle, Ray can guarantee that all work will be executed on time and on budget.


RHH Electrical Services prides itself on: 

  • Immediate assistance
  • Cost efficient electrical work
  • Safe and professional trade

Don't risk doing it yourself; consult a professional electrician in Newcastle today!

Contact us for more information concerning our electrical services and will provide you with any information you require.

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